Established in 1997, Ogeechee Farms is a family owned and operated Angus seedstock operation located near Wadley, Georgia. Our families are blessed to be involved in production agriculture. We live and do business according to the Golden Rule. Will Rogers said it best, "If you want to be successful, it's just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing." This couldn’t be more true.

Through the years, we have endeavored to maintain a disciplined approach to breeding cattle that excel for multiple traits of economic importance, avoiding fads and always focusing on the needs of commercial cattle producers. The incorporation of 50K genomic data, and more importantly, genomic-enhanced EPDs, along with multiple phenotypic measurements and visual appraisal allows us to make genetic progress more rapidly than ever before.

All our bulls are sold through Gardiner Angus Ranch’s four sales each year near Ashland, Kansas. Our bulls sire calves that are easy calving with optimum preweaning growth, high postweaning gain and profitable carcass merit. Our registered females are sold through our joint production sale the second Saturday in April with CAM Ranches near Arnoldsville, Georgia, and selected with the same strict parameters as our bulls. All females are sold by four years of age allowing our customers the opportunity to capitalize on the cow's most productive and efficient years of her life.

The results we have achieved in our program are only possible due to the dedication we have placed on performance testing and only moving forward with progeny proven bulls and females. Our programs utilize all tools available including multiple phenotypic measurements in concert with visual appraisal to help us make the best selection decisions possible. While we have now totally embraced genomic technology, the use of the aforementioned tools will only continue in the future.

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